About Moebius

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Moëbius Group is an intelligence-driven multidisciplinary design studio, based in Miami, USA whose work range includes design solutions, advertising, editorial projects and custom publishing, corporate identity and brand development. Moëbius applies a global perspective to its projects and offers specific, applicable creative answers to premium brands in various areas. We directly approach each brand to know them integrally in order to build them customized solutions based on their unique and particular needs. Our craft is firmly rooted on the networking of talent, which not only relies on our capacity to summon, but also on our ability to orchestrate the most capable creative minds around. As sensible creators, that understand brands and their undeniable emotional connection to humans, we form a close communion between our client and its target market. Through this personalized process, and based on our know-how, our clients achieve an outstanding and desirable company. We are Moëbius.


Please contact us at hernan@moebiusgroup.com